Implement texting as a strategy to set consults and close prospects who didn’t buy


The Low Down:

Texting is just the way of the world now.  Texts are responded to much faster and far more frequently than emails or calls. On average, less than 10 seconds pass before a person responds to a text. People find text, easier, less intimidating and more convenient.

People are busy and often want to be discrete. Perhaps during the day at work the person can’t pick up the phone and chat, but they call interact via text.

We’ve also found people are more willing to go back and forth about buying via text. Whereas an email or phone call they just won’t respond to.

Our Secret Sauce:


Have a dedicated phone for CoolSculpting clients and prospects. In additional to calls and emails, try to text individuals who have interest in CoolSculpting, answer questions and entice them to set consults.

For those who come into the office and don’t buy, feel free to follow up via text. It is just one part of your strategy, but an important one!

If someone decides not to buy, I want an opportunity to save them. Either get them to start with less cycles or at the very least, find out why they aren’t moving forward so I can’t grow and learn and improve.

If someone leaves without purchasing I always ask when and how I can follow up, the vast majority of people tell me they prefer a text.

Every single person who opts into our system gets a text from me. I do my best to send within 5 minutes of the opt-in. At this point people are still excited and feeling the frustration of excess fat. If hours or days go by, often enthusiasm wanes.

What does it look like?

Last week, Mike opted in to see if he was a candidate from CoolSculpting.

I immediately text him the following:

“Hi, it’s Jessica from Bodify. I’m so excited you have an interest in CoolSculpting and found Bodify.

What area, or areas, if you are like most of us, frustrate you?”

He responded right away and at one point added, “your super hero response rate is impressive.”

One day later he was in the office doing a consult and on Saturday we treated him for $5,600.

I looked at his Infusionsoft account (the system that manages sending out all our emails) and saw that Mike did not open a single email… so had I not text him, perhaps he never would have made it in.


  • Find out if your state allows for texting.
  • Get a dedicated phone for texting CoolSculpting prospects and clients.
  • Determine who is responsible for texting.
  • Create canned responses for opt-ins, questions, setting up consults.  Trust us it’ll make life easier.

For example when I want to ask someone to set a consult I hit “consult” the text then reads:

“Are you open to setting up a complimentary consult so we can take a look at the areas, check out a few before and after photos of our own clients, answer all your questions and determine if CoolSculpting is a fit for you?”

The bottom line is: Make the process as easy and standard as possible!


Bodify Academy