Send out a monthly e-newsletter


The Low Down:

Two words:  Connection and Repurchase.   Your customers are busy people.  The most important thing and business can be is top of mind.  How do you get top of mind?  It’s easy… you should be constantly in front of them.  Sure… a TV commercial or billboard will do that.  But to a small business owner, those mass media campaigns can be cost prohibitive… so we must look at methods that provide tractability and cost-effectiveness.

Our Secret Sauce:

For every person you have done business with and all those you hope to do business with, you need to obtain their email and send them monthly and meaningful e-newsletters.

There are many strategies and opinions about what type of content these e-newsletters should contain. In our experience, you want to focus along on educational content and a little on sales.

We have a very specific structure to our e-newsletters. We change it up every so often to see if we can up our open rates, but consistently our open rate and click through rate is MUCH higher than the industry average. This means, we are giving clients and prospects info they want and are excited to engage with.

Not everyone is ready to buy right now, when they are ready you want to make certain when they think CoolSculpting they think of your practice. You want to be front of mind!

By communicating on a monthly basis with prospects you are showing them you care, by giving them meaningful info, you stay front of mind and you also prove you are an organized and professional company.

Not only is the monthly e-newsletter important for prospects, it’s key for clients too.

Each month, when we send out an e-newsletter, I get 3-10 direct responses from it from existing clients saying they want to treat additional areas or the initial area again.

This is not to say these people wouldn’t have picked up the phone or sent an email on their own, but we made it easy for them, they just hit replay!

What does this look like?

We sent out an anniversary special email. We were offering 20% off. Lisa sent me the following email.

Hi Jessica,

Happy Anniversary!  Saw the 20% offer and was interested for my arms.  Was waiting on my third referral for a free treatment, but may just move forward.  Any pricing info with this discount?


Lisa M

Clearly she was “pushed to action” because of our email and reached out. Turns out this client did come back in and brought her guy friend along who also wanted to take advantage of the anniversary sale. We call that a win!


This is a big to-do. In our opinion, unless you have a person who is gifted at writing and wants to take this on, hire an outside company.

We did and they rock. The design the emails, manage all the emails, report on open and click through rates, and write all the content. Everything is sent to us for approval and we simply say “go!”

If you elect to have someone in the office take this on, next week’s tip outlines what components MUST be included in the e-newsletters to make them effective.

Critical to the success this tip COLLECT EMAILS. Without a database, you have no one to send communication to.

Here are a few samples of our most read eNewletters…


Bodify Academy