Virtual Trainings


Nobody knows the ups and downs of your business like you do! Bodify Academy is providing virtual coaching and training sessions customized specifically to the areas where your CoolSculpting practice needs the most help – from marketing and lead generation to how to close more deals, we have you covered. We want to share our tools and tips with you that have allowed us to achieve the following for Bodify:

• Top 1% in the Nation for CoolSculpting

• #4 CoolSculpting Provider in the Nation

• #1 CoolSculpting Provider in Arizona

• 700+ 5-Star Reviews

• 30,000+ Treatments Performed

Areas We Cover:

• Marketing

• Lead Generation

• Closing Deals

• Consultations

• Follow Ups

• And More!

There’s more than enough fat to freeze for everyone to succeed. You just need the right tools and training. That’s why Bodify Academy shares our proven methods with CoolSculpting providers nationwide so everyone can book more consults and convert more sales! The longer the session, the more you learn, and the more you’ll save. The investment quickly pays for itself through increased conversions. Win-win.

Not sure where to begin? Tell us where you could use some help! We’ll use your answers to create an exciting and informative training/coaching session tailored to your needs.

Bodify Academy