Bodify Basics

Bodify Basics Bootcamp

It’s Time To Build Your Clinical CoolSculpting Skills With Our Online Course

Who is this for?

In this course, regardless if you are brand new to CoolSculpting or have been freezing fat for a while, you will gain the skills, confidence, and tools you need to build effective treatment plans, administer treatments, and take consistent photography. For each body part, we walk you through assessment, marking, treatment, considerations, before and after breakdowns, pitfalls and photography for the CoolSculpting Legacy system. Each module comes with quizzes or exercises to ensure the lessons are being retained. This course dives into all things CoolSculpting in a fun, interactive and exciting way to ensure whoever partakes walks away with the knowledge they need to freeze fat confidently and achieve successful outcomes for their clients.

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Bodify Basics

CoolSculpting Legacy

Bodify Basics

CoolSculpting Elite

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What's Included:

7 hours of video!

Introduction to CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Fundamentals

Body Part Deep Dive

Dual CoolSculpting

CoolSmooth Pro on Flanks

How to take good photography

Quizzes and Exercises

Course Certification

Bodify Academy