Bodify Academy provides the tools, resources, and support necessary to elevate your CoolSculpting business. The services and packages offered were thoughtfully designed and laid out based off of Bodify’s success. Bodify became the #1 provider in Arizona within two months of opening and is the #4 provider in the United States.

Let us help you grow your client database, improve your close ratio, get more reviews, referrals, and repeat business, improve client outcomes and make more money!

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  • "Bodify Academy has left me feeling more motivated than ever. I can't wait to implement many of the ideas into action!"
    - Catherine Griggers, Sperling Dermatology, Florham Park & Montclair, NJ @sperlingdermatology

  • "Today was my first day back at work after your training. I had a consult when I arrived and within 45 min, I had sold 14 cycles – first and second treatment both purchased. I have more confidence now than I did last week and I owe that to you and your team. I am so grateful for you guys!"
    - Michelle, Klein Dermatology & Associates

  • "Bodify Academy has left me feeling more motivated than ever. I can't wait to implement many of the ideas into action!"
    - Catherine Griggers, Sperling Dermatology, Florham Park & Montclair, NJ @sperlingdermatology

  • "Bodify does a great job of not only sharing what things work for them and what things didn't work but also giving you hope that there is ALWAYS room to improve. They do a great job of guiding you and your practice."
    - Danielle Venditti, Sperling Dermatology, Florham Park & Montclair, NJ @sperlingdermatology

  • "So much valuable information! Professional and totally comprehensive. Thank you!"
    - Grace Aultman, La Bella Skin Bar, Germantown, TN @labellaskinbar

  • "I recommend that anyone who is in the business of CoolSculpting visit Bodify. They saved us thousands of dollars in avoiding mistakes we would have made if we didn't get the knowledge given by Bodify. Bodify is truly the industry Gold Star standard to be emulated."
    - Karen J., CoolSpa CoolSculpting

  • "Spending a half day with Bodify was worth every moment! The information that was generously shared with me throughout my visit has been invaluable to the speed of which our practice has been able to come up to plan. We could never be where we are in just our first 6 months of operation without the sage knowledge and guidance provided by Bodify's site visit. "
    - Karen J., CoolSpa CoolSculpting

  • "I love Bodify Academy! You guys are friendly, informative, and equip CoolSculpting techs and admins with everything needed to run a successful CoolSculpting practice. Thank you!"
    - Krissy Goodman, Cosmetic Laser Center, CoolSculpting Specialist

  • "Bodify is the bomb! You are very hands on and helped me personally on how to deal with difficult questions on the phone such as “how much does CoolSculpting cost?” Thanks Bodify ladies."
    - Selina Brown, Cosmetic Laser Center, Front Office

  • "Bodify Academy will definitely help your practice. Worth the effort!"
    - Martin Everhard, Cool Body Contouring, Owner/MD

  • "If you are serious about your CoolSculpting business, you owe it to yourself to make the investment into Bodify Academy."
    - Michael, ThinSculpting

  • "You guys are a shining example of doing all the right things and going above and beyond in creating an outstanding patient experience. Love your course!"
    - Kat Haber, Allergan, Training Course Director

  • "What an amazing and fun experience today at Bodify Academy! I am ready to take what I’ve learned and implement it into my every day and become an even better CoolSculpting specialist."
    - Shannon Pacheco, ThinSculpting, CoolSculpting Specialist

  • "Bodify Academy is amazing and the information, tips, and suggestions we received from them will certainly help us sell more and have even happier clients! Thank you Bodify!"
    - Lynne Chambers, ThinSculpting, Practice Administrator

  • "I’ve been following Bodify for a long time now. I admire their work and passion for CoolSculpting. Super happy I had a chance to meet the team!"
    - Diana Martin, Nowak Aesthetics, CoolSculpting Specialist

  • "This class was amazing. The Bodify team is successful for a reason. They shared information in a way that’s easy to understand. They encouraged usage of the information shared in ways unique to each office who attended and addressed all the attendee’s questions. Excellent pearls!!"
    - Kim Palmieri, Aesthetic Specialty Centre, Practice Administrator

  • "Amazing education session by people who obviously love what they do. Great personalities and willingness to share! Loved this class."
    - Kandi Hall, ThinSculpting, CoolSculpting Specialist

  • "The experience was amazing and that extra piece to make our office and our patient’s experience a phenomenal one was great to learn. Well worth it. Even put off surgery for a broken foot to get to this course (he, he, he)!"
    - Michelle Sell, Cool Body Contouring, Nurse and CoolSculpting Specialist

  • "When we found out we were able to come to Bodify it was like Christmas morning. We were so excited! I love how openly you share your information. There’s enough fat to go around, as you say, and we are grateful you are so open to educating and helping us achieve our potential."
    - Kirsten Ostgard, Trilogy Medical Center, CoolSculpting Specialist

  • "This course was more than I could have dreamed of! The information is seamless. I have a whole new excitement and appreciate the full disclosure of Bodify’s success!"
    - Kat Sanchez, Trilogy Medical Center