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Since our inception, Bodify has done tens of thousands of CoolSculpting treatments, in fact, it is the only service we provide. As a result, Bodify Academy is uniquely positioned to work with CoolSculpting technicians, sales people, business owners and practice managers from around the world to transfer our intimate knowledge of all things CoolSculpting to those who want to succeed. We have carefully crafted a variety of products, services and trainings to help you take your CoolSculpting practice to the next level.

Acquire The Skills Needed To Succeed With CoolScultping

We invite you to spend a day…or two….at Bodify learning all things CoolSculpting. Regardless if you want to focus on clinical techniques, consultation or pricing strategies, front office training, photo taking, or select business building strategies, we’ve got you covered.

Build Clinical Competency With Our Online Course

If you are new to CoolSculpting or want to enhance your clinical techniques, our online course gives you the opportunity to learn directly from Bodify and dive deep into assessments, marking, applicator placement, treatments, photography, pitfalls and helpful hacks to ensure you get the best clinical outcomes possible.

Up Your CoolSculpting Game With Photos

Most offices fail to build an effective photo library. Regardless if you are new to CoolSculpting or simply haven’t perfected the art of photo taking and before and after making, failing to have a wide variety of CoolSculpting before and after photos, impacts your ability to market effectively and sell consistently. We have the perfect bundles for you!


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