Before & After Bundles

Photos To Up Your CoolSculpting Game

Studies show that showing a prospective client 10+ before and after photos of people who look similar to them and treated the same body part, is the most influential point in the decision making process.


So when we heard time and again, “we don’t have an adequate CoolSculpting photo library,” we knew we could help!


Bodify has precisely curated 1000s of CoolSculpting before and after photos representing clients of different shapes and sizes, ages, and at different stages of life. The photos come with the treatment plan, timeline, and number of rounds completed so not only do they help you market and sell by visually showcasing the power of CoolScultping, but they also serve as an effective training tool by allowing new team members to know what treatment plan Bodify used to achieve the resulting outcome.

P.S. The same photos included in the bundles have helped Bodify become a top 1% CoolSculpting practice in the nation, plus when these photos help you sell even ONE client, the bundle is paid for! We’re thrilled to be sharing this resource with you.


Happy Freezing!

4 reasons you need before and after photos during a consultation

Creates a connection with the prospect because they can relate to the before photo and the desire to transition to the after photo

Walks the prospect through a journey, allowing them to feel excited and hopeful that they too can have the same outcome

Lets you share the story of the person in the photo creating shared reality, rapport and trust with the prospect 

Demonstrates in an irrefutable and visual way the power of CoolSculpting


Before & After
Mini Bundle

In our mini bundle, we provide 200 consistent and compelling before and after CoolSculpting images. These will serve you well during consultations and we also invite you to integrate them into your website, print advertising, social media platforms, texts, and other marketing efforts.


When you don’t have an array of powerful CoolSculpting before and after photos at your fingertips, your sales and marketing teams are crippled. A picture is truly worth a 1000 words and these compelling photos will help prospects see the power of CoolSculpting and get excited about what their own transformation will look like.

+ Bonus Pack!

Now you also get 75 Additional Photos!

Before & After
Regular Bundle

If 200 photos are good, 400 photos are even better. Let’s face it, people come in many different shapes and sizes and the larger variety of photos you have to share with prospective clients, the higher likelihood there is of connecting with the person and inspiring them to take action based on the results you’re showing.  These photos will aid you in selling CoolSculpting treatment packages and should absolutely be used in all marketing efforts too! Before and after photos have been used for decades because they work!

+ Bonus Pack!

Now you also get 400+ Elite Before, During & Afters!

Excuses offices offer for why they don’t
have a strong CoolScultping photo library:

We don’t have a dedicated room, so lighting is always inconsistent

Too many cooks in the kitchen, with no clear process or system

Our clients don’t come back for follow up appointments

We are busy, no way we have time to work on photos 

We don’t have a good photo system, so it’s impossible

It takes so much time and effort to get precise photos

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