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Jessica Stellwagen & Melissa Mickelson

See the steps is took to build a top #1 CoolSculpting Practice!

About Us

About Us

Bodify Academy has one mission, to help other CoolSculpting providers take their practice to the next level! Since Bodify’s inception, we have strategically built our business with processes, systems, and strategies that work and are scalable. We excitedly pull back the curtain and share the wisdom, insights, tools, strategies, and techniques that have allowed us to build a successful CoolSculpting practice. We invite you to swipe and deploy.


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Jessica Stellwagen


Jessica Stellwagen, the co-founder of Bodify and Bodify Academy is an entrepreneur at heart. From an early age she wanted to dive deep into businesses and figure out what made certain companies thrive while others failed. She felt if she could figure this out she would be an incredible asset to any business she built and other business owners hoping to improve their own business.

In her early 20s, she invested in a business coaching franchise. Her ambition was to help those in business get back to the fundamentals and grow thriving businesses regardless of the industry. She has always been fascinated by systems and processes and breaking things down to truly understand the necessary steps a business must take to be E.L.F (Easy, Lucrative, Fun).

Every time she interacts with a business, she learns something new and valuable which she can implement into Bodify and share with Bodify Academy clients.

She won InfusionSoft’s Best In Sales 2017 and is a sought after speaker for Allergan, her local ASM CoolSculpting rep, and other accounts across the nation looking to motivate staff, grow revenue, improve office flow, and make CoolSculpting a consistent profit center for the business.

Bodify Academy is incredibly exciting for her as loves working with a diverse group of individuals who all have the same goal: “building a successful CoolSculpting practice and improving client outcomes!”

She is incredibly proud of the CoolSculpting practice she and Melissa have built. Being #1 in Arizona and #4 in the nation continues to push her to succeed in new ways.

She is excited about staying on the leading edge of new business and marketing strategies and finding new ways to enhance the client experience and ensure Bodify has a reputation of excellence among, clients, competitors and Allergan alike.



Melissa Mickelson


Melissa Mickelson, the co-founder of Bodify and Bodify Academy innately understands how to build a brand and a business that stands out from all the rest.

She knew from early on that offering an incredible client experience is the one thing that would truly separate Bodify from all the other CoolSculpting competitors. She works tirelessly to perfect the entire process from the first phone call to the last interaction.

She pours this same devotion into helping other practices grow their CoolSculpting business with a particular focus on enhancing the client experience and improving client outcomes.

Melissa knows that clients are loyal to an experience, not a brand and has implemented, tweaked and refined dozens of initiatives to maximize the client experience and thus their excitement about being a repeat, review writing, and referring client.

Having run a medical spa prior to Bodify and wearing every “hat” in the business she understands the systems and level of organization needed to make a business run smoothly. Her co-workers and business partner are in awe of all the things she accomplishes so effortlessly on a daily basis.

She is able to forecast into the future exceptionally well and see all perspectives to ensure if a strategy is employed or a trajectory pivoted it can be done easily, effectively and with the best outcome possible.


When not in the office:

Melissa loves to travel to new countries and explore the food, culture, and outdoor activities. While in AZ she spends time hiking, cooking, trying new restaurants, and exploring all that Arizona has to offer. She loves to read, listen to podcasts and can often be found on her Peloton!

Although Jessica and Melissa are sisters, they are not twins. So outside of sharing many of the same passions Melissa has, Jessica also loves to go to the movies with her hubby. She has a deep love for personal development and can often be found with her nose in a book, watching a YouTube video, or with airbuds gaining new insights into how to grow and improve. Although she has no cooking or dancing skills, these are two things she loves as well.

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