Offer a Guarantee or a Promise


Bodify Success Method #18: Offer a Guarantee or a Promise

The Low Down:

Why do people not buy?  That’s an easy question with an easy answer.  The simple answer is that people are innately scared of taking risks. 

Taking risks evokes one of the most primal of human emotions: Fear.  And nobody likes fear. 

So, what if you could take risk out of the equation.  Imagine this scenario.  You’re in a Chinese restaurant.  The thing about eating Chinese food is everyone has their favorite dishes and people hate tying new ones.  Why?  Risk.  Fear. 

But imagine this… the waitress at the restaurant says, “try this new dish.  It’s one of our best on the menu.  And if you don’t absolutely love it, I’ll bring you your favorite dish on the house!” 

What are the odds you’d try the new dish?  Odds are high.  Removing the risk is all it took.

Our Secret Sauce:

At Bodify, we were among the first to realize that removing risk is the secret to our sales pitch.   At Bodify we call this the Beautiful Results Promise™.  We’ve even trademarked it!

But we’ll let you in on a little secret.  What is the Beautiful Results Promise™? 

Taken right off our website:

“At Bodify, we stand behind the CoolSculpting technology 100%….We stand behind our CoolSculpting experts’ work. We know we get our client the best results because we eat, live, sleep, and breathe CoolSculpting. In fact, we are so confident in getting our clients results that we developed the Beautiful Results Promise™, so all our clients have to lose is stubborn and unwanted fat.”

That’s right, we put our money where our mouth is.  If after 4 months a clients before and after photos don’t show at least a 20% reduction of fat in the area we treated, we bring them back at month 5, take more photos, assess and if they still isn’t’ the 20% reduction, we retreat them that day for free.

And why not?  Not only do we want to remove the risk so they move forward with their purchase, but we also see our customers as a long term partner in our business.  When they love their results, they come back for more and they tell their friends.  When they don’t, they simply don’t.  Or worse, they do tell their friends.  But not what we want then to say!


Our guarantee is something we spend a great deal of time talking about.  Why?  Because nobody else is doing it.  This is a great way to differentiate. 

In fact, we talk about it on our website, over the phone and in person.  Here’s a real-world example of how this conversation would go.

Sally came to Bodify because even with great diet and exercise, she is not happy with the way her love handles look.  She has never done any surgery or cosmetic procedure before.  But she heard that CoolSculpting could work for her from a friend who recently had the procedure.  When she came to Bodify, she was still a little skittish for two reasons… she was concerned it might not work AND it was a little expensive for her budget.  She is the perfect candidate (as you’ll find everyone is) for our Beautiful Results Promise™.

“Sally, at Bodify we totally understand where you are coming from.  It is a lot of money and we understand your skepticism.  Many of our clients feel the same way when they first come in.  But we are so confident that this will work for you that we offer a guarantee.  Our Beautiful Results Promise™ says that if we can’t get the results you are looking for, we’ll simply do it again at no cost to you!” 

We would typically add something subtle after we explain the Promise about how we are probably the only office in Arizona that offers such a guarantee.   

Sally had her procedure done. 

IMPORTANT: Our clients, and yours, must do their part. We are very clear when talking about our promise that a client must be within three pounds of their original weight. A client cannot do a CoolSculpting, eat whatever they want, stop exercising, gain weight and expect CoolSculpting to be a magical procedure.

It holds them accountable and ensures there is no misunderstanding regarding our promise.

We most certainly have clients who come back, have gained 7 pounds and aren’t seeing a result. We also encourage them to get back to their original weight and come in for photos, if at that time we aren’t seeing a result- we will honor our Beautiful Results Promise™

Here are the numbers. Whenever we tell other offices we guarantee a result we see a look of “how can you” on their face.

We keep track and we can tell you the promise has brought is FAR more money that would have walked out the door than it’s cost us in free cycles. And what’s more, we turned unhappy clients into happy clients. Not only do they love CoolSculpting but they love that we honored our word and stuck with them on their fat reduction journey.

We’ve done over 11,800 treatments as of July 28th 2017. To date, we have retreated 53 clients. Of those 53 clients, 11 did NOT see a reduction the second time. We handle what to do with them on a one to one basis. But the numbers are clear our promise isn’t costing us money!!!


  • Define what your promise/guarantee will be.  Are you going to offer a refund?  A re-do of the service? 
  • Promote it on your website, social media, etc.
  • Integrate this conversation into each consultation.  But also, in follow-up visits.  It is important you remind them about the promise… we can’t let anyone get out of the door without being a raving fan.  That is simply too costly… yes, even costlier than doing the service over again!   


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