Treat CoolSculpting Like A Business Within A Business


The Low Down:

The old saying goes, “when everyone does everything, no one does anything.”  Or how about this one, “jack of all trades, master of none.”

The point here is, specialization.  If you were having a heart procedure done, would you go to a doctor that does a heart procedure twice a year, or twice a week?  The answer is simple; you’d go see a specialist. 

Same with CoolSculpting.

Our Secret Sauce:

From answering the phone to selling a new prospect to performing the procedure… your customers will feel much more comfortable coming to see someone that is knowledgeable about CoolSculpting because that is all they do.

We believe in this so much that at Bodify, that is all we do.  From time to time people ask us about offering other products or services.  While sometimes very tempting, the answer is always the same… we do CoolSculpting.  It’s all we do and we’re the best at it.

This is our Secret Sauce. 

If your practice does other things (from dermatology to Botox to other aesthetic services)… that’s great.  You can still follow our suggestion here.  Simply dedicate one or two people on your team to handle All Things CoolSculpting.  Let them own this.  Let’s them become the best at it. 

Have a dedicated website for CoolSculpting. Ensure there are a few people who eat, live, sleep and breath CoolSculpting at your office so a caller, a prospect and a client get to interact with just a handful of people who know what they are talking about and doing. It will make their experience that much better. People don’t like the feeling of being handed off.

At Bodify if you do a consult and close the prospect, you bet your buns are in the treatment room the day of treatment right there with them.



  • Evaluate your team on two things.  1) Who believes in CoolSculpting the most?  2) Who is excellent with sales?  A person that has both these qualities should be your CoolSculpting Lead.  And depending on the size of your practice, you’ll need another.   


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