Get your business on Yelp


The Low Down:

Visability visability visability!  Did we say visibility??

Bodify tracks where our consults come from. It is astonishing to see how many people say they came to us because of our Yelp page. When we inquire further, once they are at the office, they often talk about how they are impressed with the number of photos, positive reviews and videos on our Yelp profile.

Let’s quantify this.  A recent Neilsen study gound that 85% of consumers find local business information online!  This study found:

  • 51% of Yelp Users make their purchase decision after visiting the site
  • 93% of the time, using Yelp results in “occasionally to always” making a purchase
  • 89% make a purchase within 1 week of visiting Yelp

Simply put, people trust the opinions and insights of those who have done business with you previously.

It’s not always easy to get reviews, but the more positive Yelp reviews you can get, the better.

Reviewers don’t have to talk about CoolSculpting results for the review to be powerful.

In fact, studies show reviews that talk about “customer service” have a far greater impact on a prospect’s decision than anything else.

Our Secret Sauce:

It is not necessary to advertise or pay for Yelp, however you absolutely need to create a business profile and build out the profile as much as you can.

Continually adding photos, videos and new content is critical.

Reviews will also help tremendously as people often buy based on peer reviews and opinions.


Check out our Yelp page HERE

Ask yourself if you were looking for a CoolSculpting provider would this profile boost your confidence and draw you to Bodify or deter you?

Now take a look at this business’s YELP page.

What are your thoughts on this one? Limited amount of photos, reviews, details about their business and videos. What impression does this page give you compared to ours?


Let’s break it down into easy to digest steps:

  1. Determine who will be responsible for creating and maintaining the Yelp profile.
  2. Set a timeline (no more than 30 days) to fill out the profile, add photos and develop a plan to get reviews.
  3. Place a “to-do” on your calendar each month to spend 1-2 hours on Yelp adding new photos, videos, content, etc. If you don’t set time aside you won’t do it.

Don’t freak out about a poor review, address it professionally. Never get into a heated battle with an unhappy client on Yelp.

Future tips will deep dive into how to add photos and content in a meaningful and powerful way.


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