Every client gets a hand-written card


The Low Down:

The details matter.  And the small details make big differences. 

A 2010 US Postal Service survey said the average home receives a personal letter only once every 7 weeks… SEVEN WEEKS!  And that was in 2010.  Our guess is that it’s even more now. If this is true that we receive so few personal letters, our thinking is that when they do receive a personalized, hand written letter, it will most likely get read… but more importantly, it will mean something to the reader!  So, you want to cut through the clutter of the mailbox?  Keep reading…

Our Secret Sauce:

Every client who receives a CoolSculpting treatment, gets a hand-written thank you card from the office.

We have heard 100s of times, both verbally and in online reviews, that our clients are shocked when a hand-written card shows up in the mail. It is an extra touch that makes clients feel valued and important. The card doesn’t have to be long, a simple thank you and comment that is unique to the client is perfect.

Everyone loves to receive mail, well good mail! Taking the time to sit down, write, address and send a thank you will speak volumes to your clients.

What does it look like?

Online review from Tara:

Reviewer: Tara M

Rating: 5 Star


Wow am I glad I went to Bodify. Not only is their office beautiful and the staff kind and knowledgeable, I felt exceptionally pampered during the entire process. Each and every step was explained to me and I was well prepared for what the treatment would feel like. Although I just had my treatment done, so I can’t speak about results yet, I’m so excited for them. I got home today and Jessica had sent me a hand-written card- are you joking, who does that anymore? What a nice touch. Thank you Bodify ladies and see you soon.


Not everyone loves to hand write cards, find someone who gets excited by this. In our office, I hate to address envelopes but I love to write cards. So we divide the task, each time a client checks out, Hailey addresses and envelope and puts it on my desk. I write the card and then place in the mail box.

It’s critical to put a process in place and delegate it all or each part to someone or it won’t get done!

Without fail, our clients make mention of the sweet cards we send and how meaningful they are.

You might be thinking, these individuals already bought, why send a card?

Many reasons. First and foremost, we want the entire experience at Bodify to be wonderful and we truly are grateful for each client and his or her business, we want reviews, we want repeat business, we want referrals and we want to differentiate our business from every other business out there. Hand-written cards all increase the chances of these things.


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