Share your own experience with CoolSculpting


The Low Down:

Perhaps you’ve had this scenario happen to you before.  You sit down in a restaurant and ask your server what is good here… and he says, “I don’t know, I don’t really eat here.” 

Red Flag!

It is a basic expectation that employees consume the products/services they are selling.  Anything less should be a red flag to the consumer! 

CoolSculpting is no different.  If our team hasn’t had the service before done on themselves, we lose credibility right out the grate. 

Our Secret Sauce:

At Bodify, our entire team experiences CoolSculpting immediately upon hire.  But more importantly, we share our stories and our results. 

The credibility factor increases 10-fold when we can share our own personal stories and show our own personal results (before/after pictures). 

The investment in a few cycles for each member of your team will pay dividends during the sales process. And Zeltiq as of July 2017 is still reimbursing offices for staff treatments provided you follow their guideline. A total no brainer.

We believe this has become part of our secret sauce. Other providers balk at the time it takes to treat the office and potential loss of revenue.  We look at it quite differently.  In fact, we don’t see it as a cost at all.  Simply put, we see it as an investment. If your staff doesn’t love CoolSculpting they can’t and won’t sell it.

Hailey, our director of all things important did CoolSculpting on her love handles and abdomen prior to her wedding. She had to get her dress resized twice. How’s the for a powerful story. We hear her share that all the time and you bet it makes an impact.


Each time Melissa meets a new client, she tells her CoolSculpting story.  This makes her easy to relate to and credible for knowing exactly what to expect.

“Let me share with you my own personal experience with CoolSculpting.  Obviously, I work here so do a lot of procedures on other people.  But I also have had it done several times on myself.  Why?  Because it works.  Let me show you some pictures of my love handles and my chin.  Just like you, I try to eat healthy and work out.  But these stubborn areas were bothering me.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t get them to go away.  Take a look at my before and after pictures.  After 2 months, my love handles were starting to shrink… now look at my chin!  Amazing, huh?”

They may even ask follow-up questions like, does it hurt?  Or tell me what the procedure feels like. 

“Let me tell you from experience exactly what to expect.  While I wouldn’t say it hurts, you might be a bit uncomfortable at first.  I certainly was.  But after about 10 minutes or so, the discomfort went away.  In fact, I had lunch during my first treatment and watched a movie during my chin treatment!”


  • First things first, perform CoolSculpting on each member of your team.  From the person answering the phones to the person conducting your sales consultations to your practitioners.  Everyone needs to experience the product!
  •  As part of your training, encourage all members of the team to share their stories and their before and after photos.  It’s okay to be candid!  Honesty is a rare quality in sales.  Your customers will appreciate.  Even if there is something you didn’t like about the process… share that!


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