Collect Email Addresses (from everyone!)


The Low Down:

Your database is the single most important asset you have! Think about it, you can continually educate, sell, up-sell and cross-sell to a database!

A 2016 study by the Direct Marketing Association found that email marketing sees on average a 4300% return on investment (ROI).  Yes, 4300% ROI!  Not only is the cost of email marketing low, but it actually works! 

But there’s more.  Let’s think past today.  A big database would be attractive to a potential buyer of the business down the road.

People often have an interest in a product or service but are not yet ready to take the next step regardless if it’s a consult or purchase. Having their email lets you, in a non-threatening way, educate them and guide them to make the decision you want.

Our Secret Sauce:

At every touch point (examples below), do everything in your power to get a name, number, email and a verbal ok to send them an email.  It is important that the person won’t feel you added and spammed them.


Below are a few scenarios that demonstrate how Bodify ethically and responsibly gets email addresses.

  • Website: We have several opportunities on our website for people to ask for information. In all cases, the person must give us their name, number and email in order to get the specials, before and after photos or their results from “Am I a candidate” quiz. This info goes into our system and immediately allows us to text, call and email market to the individual
  • Call: When a call comes in, after we answer all the questions, if the person has not set a consult, we ask if we can send them an email with some additional info. We let them know we will be sending a few emails in the coming days geared towards telling them more about CoolSculpting so they can determine if it’s a fit.
  • Event: Regardless of the event, we always give two cycles away for free. In order to be entered to win, people have to give us their name, number and email.


  • Determine which system you want to utilize in order to store names, numbers and emails.
  • Instruct anyone who answers phones on the new protocol to get names, numbers and emails from every caller.
  • Develop a plan for your growing database, how will you market to it, how will you use it to turn prospects into clients, clients into repeat clients, etc.


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