Ask buying questions!


The Low Down:

When you ask “what are you ready to get going with today?” The “pressure” is on the individual to make a decision, chances are whatever comes out of their mouth next will tell you exactly where they stand.

The best objection is to never have one! 

But this doesn’t just happen.  You have to make it happen.  This is powerful as you now know what the objections are and you can begin to handle them.

If you don’t ask and a person says “I need to think about it,” you have no clue what exactly they want to think about. Maybe they wanted to spend $3,500 and you quoted them $3,700. Without knowing this you’re at a loss. For us, if someone wanted to spend $3,500 and the treatment plan is $3,700 you bet I’ll negotiate and try to meet in the middle at $3,600.  At Bodify, we will NEVER lose a client over a few hundred bucks.

Or perhaps they say “I’m not sure it’s going to work for me.” At Bodify we are able to combat that objection by chatting about our Beautiful Results Promise, which ensures a client will see a 20-25% reduction or we re-treat for free.

Maybe they even admit the investment is way over the budget, now you need to go down the road of prioritizing the areas of frustration and starting with a single or a few areas.

On a few occasions, I’ve had prospects tell me “I have consults at a few other places.” I love this statement, not as much as “yes lets book my treatments” of course, but if someone shares this with me I know they have serious interest and most likely are looking for the best value or the best price.

I always give someone a list of questions to ask any CoolSculpting provider they go to.

Not only does this show I care and want them to pick a provider that will get great results, but it subtlety sets us apart as well.

We don’t know what we don’t know. In many cases a prospect won’t know or understand which questions to ask, so we tell them!

We always suggest a prospect asks the following questions:

  1. How many actual CoolSculpting treatments has your technician performed?
  2. What do the online reviews about this facility indicate?
  3. What happens if you don’t get a result- do they guarantee the work?
  4. Can they show you before and after photos of their own clients or do they use stock photos
  5. How many services do they offer? Are they a master of one or a jack of all trades?
  6. How many machines do they have and which applicators?

We specifically have them ask these questions because Bodify sets itself apart on each one.

  1. Melissa and I have performed nearly 10,000 treatments (as of Feb 2017)
  2. We have incredible online reviews on Yelp, our website and other platforms
  3. We offer our Beautiful Results Promise™
  4. All photos we share are of our own happy clients
  5. We only do CoolSculpting
  6. We have 4 machines and all the newest applicators

We send these questions to the client via email and also print it in the office. We want to stack the chips in our favor and equip them with the ammo they need to discover the Bodify difference.

All of these questions help illustrate that price should not be the determining factor an individual.

You can’t be the best and the cheapest.

Our clients pay a premium to come to Bodify because we are the best. Every so often we get an individual who only cares about price, that person typically does not buy from us. We always try to negotiate some (and because our cycle price is high we have the ability to do so and still make money), but sometimes, we just recognize it’s not a fit and let the person go elsewhere.

Our Secret Sauce:

We have consulted with a watched 100s of consults being performed by other offices and we are always amazed at how few people ask a buying question. If you don’t do so, you don’t have the opportunity to flesh out objections or determine what needs to happen in order for the person to purchase.

Often sales people struggle not only to ask a buying question, but to keep quiet after they ask it.

Some say the first person to talk after a buying questions, loses. While we don’t think someone investing in CoolSculpting means they lost, we do agree that asking the question and keeping your mouth shut is critical.


For the 1st year we didn’t ask a buy question. And many of our consults left agreeing to think about it and chat with us in a few days. Rarely did we get a hold of this person and we would spend a ridiculous amount of time, months, following up trying to get the person to buy.

We knew something needed to change.

My friend who worked with LA Fitness said they always offered 3 packages and at the end of every sale they had to ask “what package did you want to start with today?”

Of course our situation is a tad different, but we’ve adopted the concept and it is increased our close ratio tremendously.

A few weeks ago a couple came in. Their treatment plan was $10,000 or $11,600 if Denise added another area that she was mildly bothered by.

After walking through the plan and photos, I slid the sheet across the table and said “so are we going to move forward with everything or did you want to hold off on the outer thigh?”

The two started to discuss and it was fun and exciting to hear….I knew the answer but waited for Neal to say “we’re doing it all, we’ve worked hard and there is no sense in skipping an area that bothers her. We’ve been married for 36 years and she deserve it all.”

Of course they may have made this decision regardless of my question, but I still believe you must push people to make a decision, I would way rather hear a yes or no than “I’ll think about it” that seems to be the kiss of death.


Asking buying questions can be hard… and they take practice.  But with practice, they can be executed flawlessly.  

It is key to Role Play.  There’s a reason why good actors rehearse their lines before going in front of the camera or on stage.  This is no different.  You are going in front of people!

The benefits of Role Playing are:

  1. To build confidence
  2. Develop listening skills
  3. Creative problem solving

It is key to role play so you get comfortable with asking the question and keeping your mouth shut until the prospect says something.

Come up with several ways to ask the buying question so you have options. The more you practice the more natural it will feel.

There are still times when I feel awkward asking, but I’ve learned to do it every time because if I don’t, money walks out the door.

We truly believe in what we do and love how CoolSculpting changes how individuals feel in their skin and clothes, so I feel it is my duty to do everything in my power to ensure if someone does CoolSculpting they do it at Bodify, because we are the best.


Bodify Academy