Treat all your staff members


The Low Down:

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and asked the server what’s good here?  Sometimes they say “everything is good.”  But worse… sometimes they say, “I don’t know, I don’t eat here.”  Yes, that really happens.  How about this scenario.  You go into a massage clinic.  You ask for their best massage therapist.  Their response: “I’ve never had a massage before.”   

Step one in any business is to surround yourself with employees who love your product; who love what you do; who love what you’re about.  These people will become your most important billboards for your company.  If they don’t love it, they can’t sell it.  And honestly, they shouldn’t be selling it. 

Our Secret Sauce:

CoolSculpting will give you cycles for staff treatments so take full advantage of this perk.

There are so many reasons why it is critical to treat your staff.

Here are a few:

  1. It is harder for someone to sell a product or service if they not personally experienced it
  2. Staff treatments will give your CoolSculpting technician more experience
  3. You will build your before and after photo portfolio
  4. It’s a wonderful and generous perk for your staff
  5. Your staff will know first-hand how to describe CoolSculpting and its benefits
  6. You can take photos of your staff during treatments and use them on social media and your website to promote CoolSculpting.

What does it look like?

Our first employee, Hailey was given a treatment when she first started.  We have heard Hailey talk endlessly to our prospects and clients about how CoolSculpting has benefitted her. She tells the story of her wedding dress. It had to be re-sized twice after she did CoolSculpting on her love handles. She is sincere and connects well with people when she shares this story. Her face lights up and people get that her body transformation was real and made a big difference in how she felt on her special day.


Map out a plan of how you will treat your entire staff. We understand for many of you it is daunting. You may have to cut into regular business hours or treat after hours to get it done, but do it.  It will pay for itself in no time at all! 

We have encountered many offices that only treat staff as a reward, we would NOT suggest this as it does not create a good culture.

Remember CoolSculpting wants you to treat staff and gives you cycles so take advantage.

If your office likes the reward system rather than using it to decide who gets treated and who doesn’t, use it to determine who gets treated first!


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