Setup A Referral Program


The Low Down:

If you ask any business owner what their best source of business is… you will get one common answer: Referrals from previous customers and repeat customers.  Said another way you might hear them say “word of mouth.” 

A recent Nielsen study found that 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.  It also found that people are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend. 

So, what are you waiting for.  Referrals matter.  They can help you build your business.  In fact, we have found that 8 out of 10 Bodify clients plan on referring a friend! 

Our Secret Sauce:

We have found that there are two components to a bona fide referral program.  One is the program itself (i.e. Rewards Program).  The second how we ask for referrals. 

Let’s talk about our actual program first.  We incentivize our clients to share their experience with friends and family.  For every 3 clients they refer into us, we give the original client 2 free cycles! Of course the 3 people they refer MUST buy. 

Second is how we ask for referrals.  For some clients we can come right out and ask.  For others, we use more subtle questions.  We may ask about their spouse or learn more about their family (sisters, brothers, etc).  It is estimated that each person’s network is about 200-300 people.  But if you ask general questions about their friends and family, typically nobody will come to mind.  If you can ask about specific people in these client’s lives, you are more likely to get them to make a referral.  We call this narrowing the scope. 

Timing is also important.  Strike when the iron is hot.  Right after the service is complete or immediately following their follow-up appointment.  Ask, ask, ask!  Their positivity will be felt by others.  Be sure to send them pictures.  They can share these photos with those that may be interested in CoolSculpting! 

We often use “air drop” to send a client’s before and after photos to his/her phone so when they are talking about their results with someone, they have visual backup for why they LOVE CoolSculpting.

Do everything possible to stack the chips in your favor and get referrals.

Similar to reviews, not everyone things about giving them and fails to realize how important they are to you, so let them know they are, we guarantee when you do, you’ll see more come in.


Once you have created what your referral program looks like, you have to communicate it out to your clientele.  A conversation might look like this.  Suzy just had her follow-up appointment. She is ecstatic over her before/after photos.  Through conversation, you learn that her best friends is also very interested in CoolSculpting but is waiting for the Suzy’s results before she does anything. 

It is important at this point to send Suzy her before/after photos.  She will likely share these photos with her friend.  More importantly, have the conversation.  “Suzy, we are so pleased with your results!  You had mentioned you had a friend that was waiting for your results… but was interested in CoolSculpting for herself.  Send her your photos!  Then have her call us.  Did you know we have a referral program?  You can even earn a free cycles for yourself!”


  • Author your unique referral program.  This should be a real program… not just a fly by the seat of your pants “program.” Ours is called “Send in 3 get one FREE.”
  • Learn about your clients.  Ask them during consultation and treatment about friends/family.  Discover who they talk to.  You’d be surprised what you’ll learn just by asking the right questions and actually listening!
  • Send photos after each follow-up appointment.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Get them to share their before/after photos with their best friends!  You’d be surprised how many people are proud of their results and excited to share them!!   


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