Critical components of your e-Newsletter: Subject Line, Content and Call to Action


The Low Down:

Our clients are busy people.  And then they sit down to their computers only to find a cacophony of spam and clutter.  Want to break through?  Let’s start with a catchy subject line.  Research has shown that the right subject line will lead to higher open rates and even more dramatic click through rates.  In fact, research shows that 47% of email recipients decide wehether or not to open an email based upon the subject line alone!

Content must be meaningful and engage the readers either through education, images or stories so they take action and more important look forward to future emails rather than hit the spam button.

A call to action will let you track how effective your email is. If you are asking people to pick up the phone and call to receive 10% off, and no one is doing it, you need to rethink your strategy and content.

I’m sure each of you has clicked on a link or an ad, say on Facebook, and found yourself engrossed in a video or article. Before you know it, you are filling out your personal credit card information and ordering something. You can be sure, this was no accident.

Pay attention to these, study them and mimic the structure of these campaigns so your emails can have the same impact on prospects.

Our Secret Sauce:

Remember you are trying to educate people, keep your company front of mind and give people an opportunity to take action.

Subject Line:  Think about all the emails you get. Pay attention to which subject lines entice you to open and which make you hit “delete” before even opening it.

Think you got it figured out?  Well, don’t use the word Newsletter… recipients reported an 18.7% decrease in open rates when the word “newsletter” is used. 

Here are a few rules for powerful subject lines:

  1. Ask questions, this peaks interest: Are you sick and tired of your muffin top?
  2. Tell them what they will get, this allows them to quantify how much time they need to look at your email: 5 things you need to do today to say goodbye to stubborn fat for good.

Avoid the use of the word “free, sale, give-away, gift….etc” these are spam words and often an individual’s spam filter won’t even let your email get through.

Content: It must be meaningful.  It’s ok to use personal stories, images, testimonial, exercise or food tips, any you need in order to connect with those reading the email and inspire them to action.

Call to Action: Every email must have a call to action. Whether it is to set up a consult, buy something, watch a video or even link a link, you must ask the email recipient to take some sort of action.

But we’re not stopping there.  We are giving you a few tried and true e-Newsletters we have used.  We are giving you a peak under our tent.  The newsletters below are our best… the ones that achieved our highest open and click through rates.  Why reinvent the wheel?




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