consistent and compelling before and after photos

We talk to a ton of CoolSculpting providers and are uniquely aware of what struggles you face and which tools/resources will make you more successful at selling CoolSculpting.

We know CoolSculpting providers everywhere find it difficult to take and create consistent and compelling before and after photos. Naturally, we wanted to help.


Why CoolSculpting Providers Love Our Bundle


We give you 400 consistent and compelling before and after photos to use during your very own consultations. Before & after photos are the MOST compelling tool to get people excited about their own body transformation, set proper expectations, and demonstrate the power of the world's #1 non-invasive fat-reduction technology, CoolSculpting!

Regardless if you are a new office and have a limited library of before and after photos or you're a seasoned CoolSculpting specialist who hasn't quiet perfected the art of photo taking, cropping, and before and after making, this package is for you!

The same photos included in the Bundle have helped Bodify become a top 1% CoolSculpting practice in the nation. We are so excited to share this resource with you.

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P.S. When these before and after photos help you sell even
ONE client, the bundle is paid for. Happy freezing!