Capturing Consistent and Compelling Before & After Photos

We’ve taken the time to speak with tons of providers within the CoolSculpting industry and discovered the foremost challenge each of them face - taking and creating consistent and compelling before and after photos.

Naturally, we want to help. Luckily, we have the tools and resources to do so!


Not only are before and after photos the most effective tool to get people excited about their body transformation and help them set proper expectations, but they also demonstrate the power of the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction technology: CoolSculpting!

Regardless of whether you’re a new office with a limited library of before and after photos or you’re a seasoned CoolSculpting specialist who just hasn’t quite perfected the art of taking pictures, cropping, or making before and after shots - we have the perfect bundles for you!


Before & After Mini Bundle

In our Before & After Mini Bundle, we provide 200 consistent and compelling before and after images for you to use during your consultations.

Whether you’re starting a new CoolSculpting practice or you’re a seasoned pro, this bundle can help support your education, closing tactics, and overall business.


Before & After Regular Bundle

In our Before & After Regular Bundle, we provide 400 consistent and compelling before and after images for you to use during your own consultations.

Whether you’re a CoolSculpting expert or you’re just now entering the industry, this bundle gives you the necessary tools you need to help educate and excite your leads and set your business up for long-term success.


P.S. The same photos included in the bundles have helped Bodify become a top 1% CoolSculpting practice in the nation, plus when these photos help you sell even ONE client, the bundle is paid for! We’re thrilled to be sharing this resource with you.

Happy freezing!