Podcast: How Bodify Became the #4/3000 CoolSculpting Provider


Learn how in just three short years, Jessica Stellwagen grew CoolSculpting provider, Bodify, to $2.2M in sales with 40% net profit and just three employees. Even if you don’t have a clinic, there’s lots to learn from their marketing and growth strategies.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • [03:58] What is CoolSculpting?
  • [04:33] How did they raise the funds to start a CoolSculpting practice?
  • [07:10] How did they know where to go with the business and find the perfect space?
  • [09:21] What were some of the big advantages of specializing their services?
  • [12:34] How did they start getting clients?
  • [14:37] How did they get people to opt-in in their website?
  • [17:40] How do they position themselves as the best?
  • [20:17] How do they get the leads from their website to actually come for a consultation?
  • [24:43] What kind of training do they put in place for their team to do a good job in getting clients?
  • [27:04] What was their PR strategy?
  • [29:57] How did they figure out their ideal client or ideal CoolSculpting candidate?
  • [30:40] How did their business change from year one to year two to year three?
  • [32:18] How helpful were the review sites to their business?
  • [36:00] How did they figure out the small details that make things work?
  • [37:53] What’s the one thing they did that had the biggest impact on their growth?

Key Takeaways:

  • If you don’t have passion and you don’t have heart, then you are not going to be able to put the time, energy, and effort into growing your business.
  • Good, bad, right, or wrong, how we feel in our bodies actually really impacts how we operate in the world on a daily basis.
  • You can’t do good business with bad people.
  • Do what you do best and delegate the rest.
  • Niches lead to riches.
  • You cannot be both the best and the cheapest.
  • You’re a hundred times more likely to engage with a lead if you get in touch with them within the first ie minutes versus 30 minutes of them actually having an interest in what you’re providing.
  • Actually asking people what they want to drink outside of water, coffee or tea, for example, is probably one the biggest ways to minimize your no-show. People just feel obligated to show up because you’ve been nice.
  • The fortune is in the follow-up.

Action Steps:

  • Hire someone to write a business plan.
  • Be smart with your dollars.
  • Make sure to have a great website.
  • Hire a marketing team.
  • Keep trusting the process.
  • Be clear upfront about having a training manual or processes and procedures that you want the people in your team to follow.
  • Take off the business owner hat and put on the prospect hat and consider: What would you want to hear? What could you see that would move you to action?
  • Think about getting a business coach.

Jessica said:

“Guess what? Life happens. Sometimes people need a little nudge or they need a little push. And if you just kind of write them off, they might go down the street and do business elsewhere.

“Most salespeople are willing to follow-up with someone once, when the truth is most people need about five follow-up attempts after a consultation or appointment to decide to buy.”


Source: https://blog.leadquizzes.com/how-bodify-became-the-4-3000-coolsculpting-provider/


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