Dedicate a staff member, or 2, depending on how busy your practice is, to CoolSculpting


The Low Down:

You’re either in the business or you’re not.  Dipping your toes isn’t an option.  Make the decision to be “all in.”

This may sound like an obvious step, but we can’t tell you the number of offices we’ve encountered that don’t have a CoolSculpting dedicated specialist.

Before working with new CoolSculpting practices, we always call to secret shop.  These calls tell us everything we need to know before we can begin to help.  Typically, when we make one of these calls to a practice that offers a long menu of services, we get tons of misinformation or worse, no information at all.  Simply put, when everyone is supposed to know everything… nobody knows anything!

Think of how streamlined the process can be, if 1 or 2 individuals oversee everything related to CoolSculpting.

We recognize that dedicating a staff member to taking all the CoolSculpting calls, doing all the consults, follow ups, selling and treatments may appear to be an expense you can’t afford, but it will pay off in spades.

While cross training is important and necessary, dedicating a person to CoolSculpting will benefit the office in many ways.

CoolSculpting, while not complicated, is a concept many people are not yet familiar with. Many prospects have a variety of questions and your staff’s comfort level in answering questions and being educated and well-versed in CoolSculpting  will play a big role in their decision to buy from YOU!

People do business with people they know, like and trust, so if a prospect can speak with the same person initially, during the consult, during the treatments and at the follow-ups, their experience will be far better, rapport will be built, outcomes will be better, sales will be higher and you will have a CoolSculpting expert who can then begin to train others in the office when necessary.

Our Secret Sauce:

Whether you just purchased your first CoolSculpting machine or have several, it is imperative that someone in the office champions CoolSculpting.

Even if your office offers many technologies, having a single individual champion CoolSculpting is important and will absolutely convey to prospects that your office has an individual who is a master of one vs. a jack of all trades.

Remember you are permanently removing fat from someone’s body and most perspective clients find assurance in knowing the technician who would be doing his or her treatment is an expert and specialist.

Think even bigger though.  This is more than dedicating a person to CoolSculpting.  It’s about dedicating focus to it.  Again, you’re either in the business or you’re not.  A dedicated phone number, email address and website or landing page for all CoolSculpting inquires, prospects and clients will be exceptionally beneficial.


At least a few times a week we get a call from someone who has done a consult at another facility but wants to come to Bodify.

Last week Maria called to say she did a consult at her plastic surgeon’s office. She said while she trusted him deeply with her breast augmentation, she didn’t get the same feeling regarding CoolSculpting when she met with one of the office staff.

She literally said, I feel like they are known for spectacular breast augmentations and mine turned out great, but I’m not sure they really have it all figured out with CoolSculpting, I felt like it was an after thought. I called Bodify because I saw on your website that it is all you do!

Had this plastic surgeon’s staff member known CoolSculpting inside and out, the outcome would have been very different. After all, Maria has already done business with the office and loved her outcome.


Think of a few people in your office who you believe would excel in this role. Talk to each person individually and find out if this is something they want to take on. Essentially this individual will be running a business within your business so their skills will need to include the following:

  1. Great at communication
  2. Organized
  3. Likes to follow up and make calls
  4. Personable
  5. Attention to detail
  6. Ability to sale
  7. Has the personality of a care giver


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