If a prospect doesn’t buy during the consult, send a personalized email


The Low Down:

Moving forward with CoolSculpting, for many, is a big deal both financially and emotionally. People want to feel as if they are making a great decision and that the company they move forward with views them as person not as a wad of cash.

The email is not pushy nor does is put a huge emphasis on buying. Rather it lets the individual know you enjoyed meeting them and are here as a resource as they think about moving forward.

Think about the last time someone complimented you, told you it was nice to meet you and expressed a sincere interest in having you as a client… chances are, it hasn’t happened that recently.

Remember there are many who offer CoolSculpting, you must set yourself apart and earn the prospects trust and business.

Our Secret Sauce:

The fortune is in the follow up. Once a prospect leaves your chances of closes this individual reduce dramatically. It is critical to do everything you can to entice these individuals to stay connected with you and make the decision to buy.

Sending a personalized email to the person can help greatly. In our experience, rather than “selling” in the email, focus on highlights of the conversation, sincere compliments and express your desire to have them as a client.

What does this look like?

Although you want to add personalization to the email, at Bodify, we have two specific emails we send out. We do this to “test” which works better. We never want more than two as that is too hard to manage and keep track of.

Here is one of the two we send out:

Hi __________________

I loved having you in today, getting to know you and also chatting CoolSculpting. INSERT SOMETHING PERSONAL HERE

We agreed to chat on___________. I can’t wait:)

In the meantime don’t hesitate to send me any questions that may come up, I know it’s a big decision.

Remember we are here to ensure you have the best experience and get an amazing result.

I would love to freeze you, I just resonate with who you are as a person and know how frustrated you are.

I’ve seen CoolSculpting change how people feel about their body 1000s of times, and I want this for you.

Happy thinking,


PS….many clients dip their toes in, you don’t have to do the entire treatment plan at once, we want you to move forward at the right pace for you.  

Here’s a story about Tonya:

Tonya, a 35 year old woman, came into the office mid- December. At the end of the consult, her total investment would be $6,000. She was on board!

But then said, I’ll have to go home, figure out finances and see in what stages I can make this work.

While I understand, I also know, from experience, if someone leaves without buying, it becomes increasingly hard to get them to buy.

I sent Tonya the email above and added a few things based on our consult.

December 21st Kevin called me and said,

“Jess, you met with my fiancé Tonya and sent her an email. She literally showed it to me and confessed she had never felt so cared about and excited about undergoing a procedure and was upset she was going to have to step into it.

I love her, she deserves this and it’s obvious she wants to do business with you. I’m going to pay for it as a surprise and give it to her as a gift!”

Wow, I was so excited. Not only did I actually touch someone and make them feel good, but it was so powerful her fiancé opted to take care of the entire procedure for her.

I truly believe my email played a big role in getting the “yes.”


Write two emails. Make sure to only change 1 major thing from email 1 to email 2 or you won’t be able to pinpoint why one worked better than the other.

For at least 3 months send half the prospects who don’t purchase email 1 and half email 2. Make a note in their account so you know who got which email.

Keep track and see if one email seems to have a better success rate than the other. Of course there are many factors, so this test isn’t full proof, but can give you insight.

For us, we altered the “P.S.” I wanted to see if offering the prospect an opportunity to only do part of their treatment plan, vs it all, if we would get a better response rate.

The jury is still out!

We chat with so many providers and it’s amazing how many track certain key performance indicators or other metrics but never do anything with the info the metrics provide.

If you are going to take the time to write 2 emails, send them out and monitor responses, you need to be willing to make changes based on what you learn!


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