Cluster your appointments, especially when you are new!


The Low Down:

Think about it this:  A new restaurant opens.  You decide to give it a try and you’re the only one there.  Does that make you excited about trying the food?  Now… think about this scenario.  You go into a new restaurant… first thing you notice is how busy it is.  The vibe is bustling.  It’s loud.  Everyone is happy.  The servers are busy.  The wait is long.  This is the place you want to be seen.  We wanted that vibe at Bodify. 

When we first opened Bodify, phones did not ring off the hook nor was our schedule packed. 

Perception creates reality.  So, when people walk into an office and see others there, they get the perception that others are investing in this procedure and doing so at your facility.  After all, people want to be part of the in-crowd! 

Our Secret Sauce:

Anytime someone called and booked a consult we would ONLY offer them two times close to the consult time of another.

We wanted there to be a “buzz” in the office when people showed up so they didn’t feel alone in their decision to look at CoolSculpting and do a consult a Bodify.

If someone had a specific day/time they wanted to come, we would say, “that works great, I actually just had someone call to switch to a later/earlier time.”

Again, perception creates reality and this has more impact than most realize.

What does it look like?

Rhonna came in a few weeks ago. She is a military veteran and was nervous before coming in. She wasn’t sure if her body was ideal for CoolSculpting.

Although we are far busier now and don’t have to focus on clustering clients and prospects as much as we did initially, we still try to have consults come in close to follow up and actual treatments.

Why? These individuals we see we have clients and our follow up appointment clients nine times out of ten are seeing a reduction and happy, so they talk about this in front of others.

It was a stroke of luck but we had two people in that day who had a similar body type to Rhonna.

She said to me during the consult, I guess, based on looks alone, I may be a better fit than I thought based on the others in the waiting room!

Turns out she purchased has spent nearly $6,800 with us and even went onto the local radio station KTAR and gave a testimonial that we share with listeners multiple times a week.

Do everything you can to tip the scales in your favor as long as it is ethical!


If you have a busy practice that offers many procedures and your waiting rooms are busy, this may not be a tip you need to focus on.

However, if you are a newer practice or a bit slower, use this!

Instruct whoever is making appointments to cluster appointments.

Based on your office flow, figure out the timing that is appropriate so people see others but aren’t forced to wait a long time.

For us we block 30 minutes for both follow ups and consults. We will stagger these by 25 minutes so the chance of people running into someone is higher!


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