No need for expensive video equipment for video marketing



Results from a recent Animoto survey of small businesses that market through social media show that video is more engaging than any other form of content. Some survey insights:

⇨85 percent: social media marketing has resulted in new clients and customers
⇨66 percent: video content has more engagement than any other form of content

KEY STAT: By 2019, 80 percent of global Internet traffic will be video; 85 percent for US
KEY STAT: Captions are critical – 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched with no sound

Tip: You don’t need expensive camera equipment to start. The latest smartphones have amazing cameras as well.

Ideas for Videos

  • Product demonstrations
  • Tips & Tricks – how to do something
  • Testimonials – customers tell their stories
  • Live events – especially for Facebook
  • Highlight an offer/service

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